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About Us: About Us

Welcome to Kuniqua

If fashion is your way of self-expression not a status symbol, you are at the right place. 

If you pick your Jewellery & other fashion items because you like them, you love how you look wearing them & how you feel inside, not because you want to impress the world with its price tag, then you are at the right place.

With Kuniqua, I want to bring to you, unique exclusive curated handpicked Jewellery & other fashion items at an affordable price. I want to save your time from searching for the right fashion items or your money from buying the same items at a higher price in a Shopping Mall or both.

Beyond that, together with you, I want to build a community of Fashion Enthusiasts that is inclusive, non-discriminatory, non-judgemental. A community built on the foundation of support & encouragement to be who you really are. Keeping your inner spark alive. 

That's my vision behind Kuniqua. Will Kuniqua change the world? May be or may be not. Let's give it a try? Together? Being the change we want to see in the world. And looking damn good while doing so!

Do we pack well?

Well, one of our customers told us jokingly that she had to literally struggle to unpack her order! 

Yes! We take that much care in packing every single order. 

We've learnt our lesson from your kind feedback. 

Such fashionable & often fragile items need extreme care in packing. We ensure that your ordered items stay in their place firm, no matter what the package go through during the delivery process. 

Wrapped with bubble wrap & taped well, your orders should reach you without any damage, withstanding almost anything!

Story Behind Kuniqua

I loved fashion, from a very early age. From dressing myself up for my dance performances, preparing my sister for hers, designing my own outfit for my wedding reception, I always had a knack for choosing the right fashion items that reflected the spirit of the person wearing them. And being born & brought up in a middle-class family, finding affordable items wasn't optional. 

Even when my financial capacity increased, I found the traditional Fashion Market overhyped & toxic. Every day we are brainwashed to buy costly items that we might not even like, that doesn't express who we are, rather we spend our hard-earned money to impress the world. We mess up our mental health by participating in the comparison game. 'She bought a diamond necklace on her anniversary, now I need to buy a platinum one'. But do we feel good even if we win that game? Nope!

That's why I always wanted to start a Fashion brand that reminds people that they are beautiful just being who they are (not needing to wear my products), what actually matters to them. I wanted to remind people that they didn't have to participate in the comparison game if they didn't want to. 

Yes I wanted to do this for a very long time. But you know, society has been telling me what I was supposed to do & why starting my own business is a foolish idea. 

After a long & tiring fight inside, after getting inspired by amazing people who are doing something on their own, after being encouraged by my better half, finally, I gathered up the courage to start this. I am as much nervous as excited. Need your support and blessings to take this forward.


Owner & Chief Curator


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